Natren Healthy Tummy Probiotic Chewables - Natural French Vanilla Ice Cream Flavor - 45 Wafers


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Probiotic Dietary Supplement Aids Intestinal Ecology For Your Healthy Nutritional Regimen Selected Super Strain Lactobacillus Bulgaricus Lb-51 To Help Optimize Digestion 100% Potency Guarantee Dairy The Probiotic Specialist Recognized Worldwide Since 1982 Potency Guarantee: Minimum Of 1 Billion Cfu Of Live, Active L. Bulgaricus Beneficial Probiotic Bacteria Lb-51 Super Strain Per Wafer Guaranteed Through Expiration Date, If Kept Dry And Refrigerated. The Trenev Process, A Unique Proprietary Process, Substantially Increases The Probiotic Benefits By Keeping The Bacteria In Their Natural Environment (Supernatant) To Ensure Potency And Efficacy, Eliminating The Need For Additives (Such As Fos - A Type Of Sugar). Shipping Window - This product ships in 7 days.

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