Dr. Christopher's Formulas Complete Tissue and Bone Syrup - 4 oz

Dr. Christopher'S Formulas

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A Synergistic Combination Of Herbs For Bones, Flesh And Cartilage. Bones Play A Major Role In Our Body. They Provide Structure, Protect Organs And Anchor Muscles. Skin Care Along With Healthy Lifestyle Choices Can Help Slow The Natural Aging Process. Dr. Christopher'S Time-Tested Complete Tissue And Bone Syrup Supports Bones, Skin, Tissue, Hair, Nails, Teeth And Gums. Available In 16 Oz. And 4 Oz. Sizes. Also Available In Capsule, Cut (Bfandc), Oil, Ointment, Powder (Bfandc), Shampoo / Conditioner (Bfandc) And Soap (Bfandc) Form. Warning: Do Not Use During Pregnancy Or While Nursing Except As Directed By Your Health Care Professional. No Added Fillers Or Chemicals. * This Statement Has Not Been Evaluated By The Food And Drug Administration. This Product Is Not Intended To Diagnose, Treat, Cure Or Prevent Disease. Shipping Window - This product ships in 7 days.

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